Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes

You can have longer, richer lashes in seconds!

Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes are a series of double false eyelashes with a special uniquely designed size and shape tailored to the guest. With the help of tiny magnets, you can adjust a series of false eyelashes on your lashes, which is the most suitable and fastest way to lengthen and enrich your lashes.

Each Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes is personalized, taking into account your eye shape, face shape, or unique style when building.

Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes are built by hand, giving the impression of wearing a built-in false eyelash. Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes does not destroy your own lashes.

No glue is needed to apply it as the lash lines remain suitable for many tiny magnets. To ensure that the lashes stay in place we apply a thin layer of mascara, and then apply the Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes after it has dried.

Mal d’Or Magnetic Lashes can be used for up to 6-7 months with proper care.

Once you have booked an appointment, you will take part in a personalized consultation free of charge which will select the most appropriate style of large eyelash lashes for you. Then we will customize the fit for you by hand.

We will notify you by email of your creation, which you can pick up in person at Mal d’Or Beauty.


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